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Are you looking for Motorbike Training on the Northshore Auckland?  You’ve come to the right place!  From Basic Handling Skills to CBTA Restricted and CBTA Full Licence, we can train you and assess you for all motorcycle licence classes.

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Streets ahead of the rest

I’m a  ‘kid’ who’s ‘been around the block’. I’ve spent time around and in performance vehicles. This bike of mine is fantastic and I want to get the most out of it and improve myself as a rider. Now I can – and this is why:

The background story first: up until and including yesterday, every stage of my training and testing and (including several Ride Forever courses) was completed with a different training company.

But – here’s the thing –  no one really got through to me and actually helped my riding.  My experience across 4 other NZ training companies (including the larger, well promoted and advertised ones with all the leaflets everywhere) is that those other outfits just focus on handing out stock material, and passing your test – which is fine but let’s be honest, the bar is set pretty low to pass. While others flick through a folder of handouts, David takes the time to explain, and shows you what you personally need to know and experiment with until he knows you not only understand but can also put it into practice on the road (what was supposed to be a two hour session turned into almost four only because I’m a horrible student & we were having way too much fun).

It was obvious from the start that his main focus is to transform you into a better rider, a more competent one; it’s not really about karate ninja style head checks, or ‘kissing your mirrors’ in corners; just honest training that works. Training that exceeds the requirements of any licence test, training that will be utilised for the rest of your riding life. I can honestly say, I have walked away from David a better rider. Now… I’m off to the track.  Ash A

Ash A

November 2018


David was fantastic, the training and insights he gave me totally changed how I ride my bike and I cannot recommend him more. I have done other courses but learnt more off of David in 2 hours than in other full day courses and then some!!

I recommend him highly.
M. Collins
M Collins


Back to biking !   8-3-2016
After a gap of 35 years I am back biking, Had a 2 hour refresher with David, boy was it worth it! During the 2 hours my confidence grew and grew, David was a great tutor, patient and encouraging all the way. Very helpful with David talking to me on the radio headset during the lesson. Money well spent as now not so nervous about riding again and things are coming back to me. Would definitely recommend new as well as previous riders to book some time with Accelerated Rider Training.
Andy T

Great training, totally at ease on the test

I did training and then my restricted test with Dave. Dave is a very friendly and easygoing person. I learnt so much in just in the little time I spent the with him. On my test after the training I felt very comfortable and this was not like me, this was thanks to Dave’s personality. I recommend him to anyone for any type of training you may need.

Cheers Dave and will be seeing you soon for more training before my full.. Mike W

Awesome instructions
 David is a great instructor. He not only teaches you the need to knows but why. Went into great detail and yet it was explained simply so your mind isn’t overloaded with too much info. Great morning. Highly recommended
Curtis W

 I did my BHS with David – I had never been on a bike before and felt incredibly at ease, thanks, I strongly suspect, to his tuition. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to learn
Ben N

Basic Handling Skills Test – getting our Learner Licence
Gavin C. says: An awesome fun information packed 2½ hours. David successfully trained us (including someone who had never ridden a motorcycle before) into being competent and have enough understanding to be road “safe/aware”. Great time. Looking forward to the great rides 🙂
Gavin and Bron

Good fun learning to ride
James d. says: David is a friendly and very knowledgeable instructor, I had a great time getting my confidence up riding at the BHS.
James D

Great training ride
Ben M. says: Had a great training ride with David on Thursday. Booked an other session straight a way for some more tip, advice and training in preparation for a long ride I have coming up and in prep for going for my lience. Cheers mate .
Ben M

Returning riders take note!
Aaron T. says: After years of riding and racing as a kid and finally getting round to obtaining my license, albeit in my forties!!! I have found David’s tuition and advice invaluable. Getting back on two wheels after a break of about ten years actually can be a little nerve wracking but David helped not only with my licensing issues but also my confidence as a returning rider. A great service and skilled advice to stay safe out there . Thank you David .
Aaron T

natacha w. says: Whether your a first time bike rider, returning to bikes or you just bought a new one , David is the man to see.. ! He attention to detail and personality makes learning fun. As a nervous first timer I found him very reassuring and quickly gained skills and confidence. I have just done my CBTA restricted with him, and booked in for some more lessons when I get my new , bigger bike ! I cannot recommend David more highly and have already sent several of my friends to him! David has helped me become a safe confident riderand I will stay with him for my full license, change bikes or a leisurely ride now and again ! Thanks again David !
Natasha W

From No to GO !

Great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable.

Thanks David! Great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. When i started i could hardly turn left, and couldnt even turn right. By the end of the training i was able to pass my basic handling and with more lessons i will be fully confident on the road – all thanks to David. Karl Weber, Auckland

Awesome Training  – April, 2016
David is the man. Such an awesome Instructor. I liked that there was a theory section that explained why certain things were done and then a practical section showing how it was done. David put me at ease and really helped expand my riding skills. Highly recommended and will definitely be going back for more lessons.   Matt L

Patience and Perseverance  26-2-2016

A complete novice trying to achieve an item on the bucket list! I was not the most coordinated pupil but both Dave and Ed never gave up and encouraged me to continue. Still work to do on ‘the journey’ but will definitely get there thanks to their efforts. Great team and anyone with similar bucket list thoughts…..get off the couch and get on the seat!

Gordon W

Loads of fun  🙂   6-3-2016

David and Ed are amazing teachers. I have just completed the BHS course and loved it! David is so patient and knowledgeable and at no time did i feel that I was doing anything but great. I can now ride, do figure of 8s, emergency break correctly and ride “fairly” evenly. I’d recommend Accelerated to anyone. If you have been “thinking” about learning to ride (like me) but never got round to it, book in with these guys. Thank you for such a positive experience – I will be back once I get my learners ☺
Jo M

Absolutely the best 3 hours I have had for ages
 It is not until you try something that you realise what is involved.. not only did the basic handling skills course teach me what I needed to know, but, and probably MORE importantly, what I need to learn in the future. It is not a case of “I have done the course so I know everything”, but more like ” I have learnt how much i do NOT know” (!)..BUT it gave me the tools to learn. Apart from that, it was awesome fun too.
John L

Full license 🙂
Thanks for teaching me an advanced technique for a speedy riding around curves, which fulfill my riding. From my personal point of view, I think he is a perfect instructor, in term of leadership and nice warm hearted person. Luckily me to be able to manage my time and got the training. I have been participated in many advanced riding courses, I guarantee and assure that he is the right person to choose. Wishing you the best! Cheer.. .
Chokchai C

Brilliant input from Dave.
I’ve ridden off- road bikes before but was a complete novice on the road. Dave was incredibly patient and gave clear instruction. His input via the headset while riding was invaluable. He encouraged me and kept me very relaxed. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about sharing it with his main goal being that you enjoy your training experience yet learn great skills.
Luke T

CBTA (Restricted Licence Test) with Invaluable teaching and feedback
Achala S. says: Excellent one-on-one assessment with tons of useful feedback. I am grateful my areas of improvement have been picked up sooner rather than later. The only way you should go if you want to graduate from your current licence!
Achala S

One on one premium coaching

David is a great instructor – he puts you at ease immediately which means you can focus on areas for improvement and not worry so much. I feel more confident on the road and I’m actually looking forward to taking my test! Sarah

Basic handling skills training and test
Matthew L. says: A great introduction to the world of motorcycles, instructions were simple and clear. The tasks given were related to what would happen in the real world. I will definitely be having some further traing with David.
Matthew L

Awesome instructor!
Ilse H. says: David is an awesome instructor, gives great tips how to improve my skills. Due in a couple of wks to get my restricted, but will continue with David for other courses, like riding on gravel. Thanks David for making me a better and safer rider.
Ilse H

Great way to start out….as a returning rider!

I came into the course having been a rider from years back. I thought I new what I was doing, David showed me that I still had lots to learn. So this is a great course to go on even if you are an expert. Picking up helpful advise, hints and tips from David really helped me out and readjusted my veiw on riding road bikes properly. Cheers David! Garrick.
Garrick D.